jueves, 28 de agosto de 2008

How Big is Your Box?

It's been forever since I wrote in this blog, not because I had nothing to say but because I haven't had time to sit down and write. Hopefully I will be able to put into words all that God has been teaching me in the past two months...one blog at a time. This one is related to something I read while reading through the New Testament. Acts 7:48-49 makes reference to the old testament (I Kings 8:27 ;II Chron. 6:18; Is. 66:1) regarding the building of the temple by Solomon saying that David wanted to build the temple but Solomon was actually the one who built it.

"However, the Most High does not dwell in houses made by human hands; as the prophet says: 'HEAVEN IS MY THRONE, AND EARTH IS THE FOOTSTOOL OF MY FEET; WHAT KIND OF HOUSE WILL YOU BUILD FOR ME?' says the Lord,'OR WHAT PLACE IS THERE FOR MY REPOSE?"

We have, since way back then, been trying to put God in a box. We try to make Him fit into what we believe He is, or should be. But God cannot be contained. He is so much bigger than my box!! I have had the wonderful opportunity of being raised in a Christian home, and I have now been on the mission field for 15 years. I have seen Him work in such wonderful and mysterious ways. He has surprised me so many times and showed me that He does not fit into my box. He cares about the smallest details of my life. He cares about the forgotten, lonely, unloved people. And He doesn't care about my status, my prominence or anything else that this world might put value on.
My prayer for myself and for you is that as we get to know God more, as we grow, the box that we have put God in will grow too!