miércoles, 2 de julio de 2008

Forgiven Much, Love Much

Well, it's been way to long since my last blog. I'm still reading through the New Testament and we're in Acts now but this blog is actually about the portion in Luke 7 where Jesus tells the parable of the two debtors, one who owed a lot and one who owed a little. They were both forgiven their debts and Jesus asks, "Which of them therefore will love the moneylender more?" Of course the reply was the one that was forgiven more. As I sat thinking about this I realized that it is not really the amount of sins that are forgiven that make us love the Lord more because we have all done our share of sins. I believe it is the recognition of our sinful state that causes us to love the Lord more. So often we are self-righteous, believing that we are good, we do the right things, we say the right things but we forget who we really are...sinners saved by the grace of God. May I never lose sight of who I am and who God is that my love for Him may grow continually.